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About Unlondon


As far as we can tell Unlondon was created in a different universe and transfered her for some reason.
It mimics the streets of the above ground london almost exactly as far as we can explore however there seems to be more variation the further we get from the entrance. i.e. One building is entirly made out of pipes.
It seems to have been designed as a way to escape some kind of XK event on the surface however by whom is still a mystery.


We are chose to begin opening the door to refugees in order to allow the to escape the chaos that seems to be occuring about. Here they will be able to communicate as they see fit and even through encrypted methods.
All newcomers will start as D class personel until they have proven themselves not to be agents of the Chaos insergency or laden with mimetic or other cognito hazards.
In order to progress they will need to contribute to the development of Unlondon.
Method through which they can progress :
   - Explore its streets and buildings allowing for inhabitants to spread into further areas.
   - Report memtic hazards within the site.
   - Visually improve the area making it more appealing for the other newcomers.
   - Even by bringing resources from the surface world to fund SCP's further development of the site.